Every business has a story, and I am here to help you tell yours, and even to talk about putting you on the COVER of our publication! We started Company Magazine in 2005 and when we did, we wanted something very professional that was targeted to the business community. Our goal is to focus on telling stories, both yours and your business. The first thing we did was invest in the quality of paper, its 80# gloss. For you and I, it’s about image, and quality. If you have a photo in here, we want it to look life like and pop.

The next thing is, that we needed a reason for people to open up our publication every month. what makes it different than last months issue? That’s where Company Magazine got creative. Instead of having a staff of writers, we went out and got prominent business owners in the community to write for us. In fact, if you have interest, I would like to talk to you about becoming a monthly expert for us as well. Mayor Schmidt, Mark Burwell from Urban Hope, Jim Overly from Cyberworks, and a slew of others that write articles that are not solicitation for them, but instead are learning experience for our readership. To read an article from someone that has and is having success right here in town.

We want our magazine to remain free. Company Magazine is delivered to thousands of businesses every month to establishments that have 3 or more employees. We target the storefront so the business owner receives your article, the employees read as well as customers that sit in the lobbies. The magazine's are delivered to the post office. In order to pay for the magazine, we sell marketing. At Company Magazine we realize that you can place an ad with us, newspaper, radio, and TV there are a million different options. This is why we are creative. We don’t allow coupons in the magazine because we don’t want your articles to be scissored up. When you market yourself with us, we allow you to write your OWN 2-page feature article in the magazine…That’s right, you get to write it! Nobody understands your business as well as you do. This is your chance to tell your story, to talk about how you got started, where you plan on going, talk about yourself, your industry… and get people to emotionally tie into what happens inside of your business every day. Now as they see that ad, it has a lot more value, and they understand your business much more, which drives business toward you. We want to do a full page feature story of you as well as a full page photo, and a full page photo and story of the business. This way readers get to see your place of business, but also you, the person behind the scenes that makes the business successful. We will even professionally frame your article so people can see your article for many years to come, and people get to see that you even wrote the article.

At Company Magazine, we want our clients to receive exposure so they get a great return on their investment! You will notice as well, that you see pictures of the business owners in our ads. We want everyone to get a great response. We want people to say, “Hey, I saw your picture in a magazine”. By having your photo in the ads, you become more recognizable, as a result you will hear the response.

On the bottom of most pages, you will see DID YOU KNOW, it’s the favorite of my grandma ~ At the beginning of each magazine, you will see our Wall Of Fame. We have had over 100 magazines to date, and this page allows you to see how the magazine has changed over the years, while also marketing businesses that were on the covers just after the magazine started. When you walk into our office, you will see each cover framed and autographed. It is a privilege to be on a cover, and you should be proud of it when it does come out. I am here to see if we can do this for you.

With 36 issues, you become one of our very best customers. We are going to reward you, by putting you on the cover of Company Magazine. If you do 48 issues, you not only get the cover, but you also get the back cover, and the best price we have to offer in addition to the 3 feature articles on you! Lets make YOU our very next cover!


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